What happened to Skype!?

I used it years ago, I think back in like 2011/2012. I loved using it to talk to people while gaming or having group chats with friends going. I stopped using it when my laptop broke. I didn’t get a new laptop until 2017 and never bothered installing it again. I thought I would put it on my gaming PC to use and it is completely different. It sucks now! What happened to it? It is nothing like it used to me. It is like that zoom or whatever it is.

I still use it regularly still, but it does seem like with every ‘update’ it gets heavier and heavier on system resources and ends up being more buggy.

Everything is change now, People move to discord for voice chat while gaming/multiplayer games. Skype is now out dated source so forget about it and move to discord

Skype sucks, and of course, Bill Gates sucks too. We need more open source projects.