What is the most exciting experience you have ever experienced while playing video games?

There are those badass memorable moments that occur when playing your favorite game. Tell us which one you remember most.

While playing Crysis 2 back in 2011, the graphics were surreal, it gave all vibes from future.

I’d say some of the survival games have made me enjoy the gaming on the mobile phone. I usually avoid those churning type games where you have to do a lot of things to go ahead. I think another fun element is that a lot of games that take input from your gesture, they tend to be more fun while playing the games. I love such games which add better experience in life.

I could remember when I first played halo, I couldn’t believe there were short alien creatures and those short aliens are so sneaky. When I got to the part of visiting another planet on the ring, I was moved by the way they made the future look like.