What is your favorite anime?

For me it would probably be Dragon Ball Z. I know it’s pretty cliche, but it’s really all I ever cared about as a kid and teen. I still have a special place for it in my heart. I Didn’t care much for the Dragon Ball show. But I did enjoy GT.

Anyway, what is your favorite anime?

saiki k, death note, aot, tokyo ghoul, kakegurui, hxh, my hero, banana fish, fmab, haikyu !!

My favorite anime Akira

My favorites one of the decade is probably Parasyte: The Maxim

Mine would be between Pokemon and Dragon ball Z. I used to be more into Pokemon when I was younger not so much anymore.

My favorite anime was always full metal alchemist and by favorite full metal alchemist is brotherhood. The show interest me quite a bit. I enjoy it a lot.

I don’t watch animes, instead i spend my time in games, watching tutorials, building games pc. Sometimes i watch animated movies just on a TV with my little brother

I like dragon ball all series especially Dragon ball super. I like how people punching the crap out of each other, flaying and increase their power. I still want to be a super saiyan lol

I usually don’t watch animes but started watching Attack on Titans as my friend suggested it. It’s great, due you have any other suggestions to watch?

I love multiple anime and list just keeps going on and on. I mostly loved the Bleach anime and now a days Black Clover. I think black clover is pretty funny and also have pretty good story line as well. I’d definitely go for the bleach as all time favorite.

My favourite will be Naruto and bleach…those two kind of spice up my day. I recently watched my last day in school it was an unforgettable episode on it

Hunter x Hunter is the greatest anime of all time

Although not a fan of anime but enjoyed the 'Boss Baby .

My favorite anime is Dectective Conan, I love the way how he solve all the cases with his cleaver mind. All of his gadget are awesome. I like Shinichi more than Conan

I like this anime too, but i think this anime is relate to adult. Since we mostly see the murdered people and bloods, what you think ?

Naruto ofc. Actually, I started to watch it since I was a teenager and I still rewatching it right now :smiley: It must be the best anime in humanity history :smiley:

For me all the animes are my favorite also i prefer manga too. Now days i am watchin Naruto’s series its look good