What is your favorite PC game?

My Favorite game is R6S. I just absolutely love how each map is different and unique, and there is a million ways to play them.

Minecraft. Its my most favorite game. Its pretty old game but peoples are playing it. Alpha and beta areas always remind me EverQuest. Its up to the player how he make their experience. The world wide is open but it might dangerous and scary.

Fortnite, Apex legends and GTA V online ?

Minecraft java edition is my favorite ?

You’re referring to the best shooters on PC right OP? If I had to pick a shooter I would say Half-Life 2 probably. I remember the first time I played and remember having a blast with the physics. As for favorite PC game in general, probably Half-Life 2 lol :slight_smile:

Yeah, Minecraft is the best sandbox game! My kid is playing it all the time. All various modes are available for the Minecraft. Pretty interesting game. (y)

There are so many video games that I’ve played; it makes this question really hard to answer. Out of them all, I’d pick GTA V as my favorite. The online team deathmatch & lobby sessions to the story mode are truly one of the best games that man has made.

Two favorites right now. Rb6 and Over watch

My favourite game is Morrowwind. I know there’s a lots of better games out there but this game appears an impressionable age and i love to play it. I go through stints of playing it, i found fascinating and get rich. i fell in love with it

I have alot of games that I love. First is HAlO 1 2 3 4 COD modern warefare, Resident evil, blur and quake 4. This are my favourite, I can play them over and over again.