What is your full time job?

I understand that you guys are gamers, but do you also have a full-time job? I mean if you are pro then I assume that playing games are your full-time job. I’m not a pro at all, so I’m working a full time and gaming is my hobby only.

Game is also my hobby, I don’t take it as a job, I have my business that I run.

I am studying as of now, I’ve done an do photo editing work as well.

I work part-time for a tech company (from home now, thanks COVID) and I also do freelance work online on the side. I was working full-time before this mess but now I can only work part-time which I guess is better than losing my job completely.

I am a software engineer by profession. It’s a bit difficult but I try to cope up with it.

I am working in web development as of now.

Studying currently. I wish to be a pilot

English teacher in University . The equal to $24,000 a year, but the dollar is crushing the tenge right now. I live like the Queen of Sheba.

I work for a networking and internet company. Mostly desk IT work but I do go to businesses to do repairs and solve issues for clients a few times a week. Working on getting a raise soon. Fingers crossed!