What makes you relaxed other than gaming?

So my question here is that , is there any way you guys use to reduce all the stress that you carry in your head? Apart from gaming of course.

Listening to lo fi music while having a cup of tea , that’s how I get myself relaxed on priority.

Well this sounds amazing, I’d like to give it a try myself as well.

Going out alone on a long drive alone listening to cannons

Same! Except I’d drink coffee instead. I would often just zone out when doing this.

That being said, reading a good book also calms my nerves.

Spending my time with my family and friends

Hiking is the thing that relaxing me a lot! Every time i feel depressed, i just go to the mountains.

Listening music and taking nap can makes me feel relax and stressful


exploring the new destinations

Chillin on the bed or tunes for sure!

watching car masters - rust to riches on netflix!

Binging TV shows with my g/f.

Is it bingeing or Binging, ? as far as i know people used to call bingeing TV

Apparently they are both considered correct. :slight_smile:

The best stress relief is playing video games! Walking, hiking, swimming, are also very good for a stress relief.

I am also a very big fan of watching movie series. My favorite ones are, The Witcher, 24 Hours, Salem, Prison Break, The Seal Team, SWAT, Game of Thrones.

So, I’m going to go 18+ with my response to this one and it’s S*X that helps me to relax or feel relaxed more than playing video games.