What’s the most you’ve rage quit a game?

Have you ever played a game that was just so much rage-inducing that you’ve quit multiple times? And you always come back in an attempt to finally complete the game, but it just turns into another rage quit. Have you played a game that did that to you?

I rage quit GTA V but not down to the game itself, but rather not being able to play online. No matter what I did, it did not work. It worked fine for 2 months and then nothing. I was pissed. I ended up giving up on it only to later get it for PC through Steam when it went on sale. I got a few months of enjoyment out of it but got bored with it after a while. Haven’t played it in months.

I didn’t quite rage but i fell something really bad in an online tournament of League of Legends. I just destroyed on steam when the commentary discouraged me by saying " i not good in this game" I haven’t played since.

I play Chess online a lot, and I usually quit when I have made an obvious blunder. I have also rage-quit severally while playing FIFA on PS4.

Same here, I am a noob in chess but still i love to play it. I mostly lose the game in an online multiplayer plat form. Whenever i feel that i am losing i quite it without notify anyone lol

When am playing FIFA 21 and my younger brother is beating me by 4 goals down, I got really angry and just switch the game off.