What's the best RPG?

What would you say is the best RPG around? Maybe it’s a classic like Final Fantasy 7, or a newer game. My favorite RPG has to be Chrono Cross on the PS1. I got it with my PS one during a past Christmas. He could only get one game, and I went with Chrono Cross. Best choice I made.

The Witcher 3. It has amazing story and music with great art style

Mass Effect 2 3.The Witcher 3 and Fallout 3/NV

The best RPG imo, has to be Super Mario RPG for the SNES. I also liked the Paper Mario series a lot. But Super Mario RPG is my favorite of the bunch. I have fond memories of FFVII as well.

Fallout 2 back in 90s that I played on my old PC and The Witcher Wild Hunt

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Does Sims 4 count as an rpg? Yes you build things in the game but you also can control the people and tell them what to do. I would consider it an RPG.

Sims 4 suppose to be sandbox game? Or I’m wrong.

Demon’s Souls is genuinely one of my favourite games of all time. It needs the love.

Myst was a great RPG game back in the 90s. It became popular very quick when it was released back in 1993.

I wish I can play Myst! I’ve seen lots of video game play of that game and it looks a lot of fun.

Neverwinter nights

These are games I completely fixated on and played for quite a while

Divinity Original Sin 2 and The witcher 3 are some of my top ones

Would go with Wticher 3 , played it like 2 times .

i vote for FFXIV