what's the best sports games you recommend me for PC ?

Hi friends well I’ve never been into sports games. I used to watch my cousin playing sports games and now i am taking some interest on it. I have a good gaming PC with ryzen processor what’s the best sports games you recommend me for PC ?

Try Rocket league, its the skill based game you have to practice hard to complete the each stage. I spend my 90% of time in training packs or Snow Day. Ranked made me frustrated and rage but i still enjoy it

I am the boring type, who only plays FIFA! I will only recommend a FIFA related game! But with the power in your PC, your possibilities are endless, you can literally play anything on it. Try SIMS 4.

I think Fortnite is the hottest thing in town right now. I don’t know how the PS5 console will handle it, looking forward to that. But i guess i prefer playing it on PC.

When it comes to sports games , then FIFA is incomparable but PES can be an option here too , to play.

Try FIFA or NFS if you like racing.