What's your 2D platformers/Games

After the SNES and Genesis i am familiar with some video games. I love to spend hours with 2d and Classic games. Its just recall my childhood memories. What’s your favorites games and platforms ?

I love to play Goemon’s Great Adventure on N64. Its a tricky game and become hard to play after every new level. All the stages are extraordinary difficult. You have to watch Some online videos in order to complete it otherwise there’s no way to beat Giant Mecha sections.

Yeh i played that game when i was a kid. Sasuke was my favorite because its hard to get him when Ninja Starring Goemon

I love Mega man x series and most favorite is Mega man x4 and 5 about my platform it will be also SNES and PS1

Seems good. I’ve never heard about megaman x series. I did some research on it and it look like fun. I will adding it into my collection

My favorite game is Ori and the Blind Forest. This game is also available for PC so it won’t me hard to download and play it. I don’t have any 2d Consoles like PS1 or PS2 i am in a university and i don’t play much 2d games

There’s no age required for playing games dude. I am in a collage and adult but i still prefer 2d games. I have SNES console and PS1 with a lots of 2D classic games collection

Ps 2 pes and cowboy. I also did play Nintendo back then. It was really fun.