What's your favorite 2D game?

What would you say is your favorite 2D game? I will firstly say, The Legend of Zelda for the NES is my personal fave. But I also enjoyed SMB3, Super Mario World, even The Legend of Zelda 2. I have fond memories of most NES, Sega Genesis games.

List off your favorite 2d games here.

For me it’s got to be Super Mario World. I’ve always been a fan the Mario games series. The simplicity of the gameplay and the graphics are always fun.

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This was a fun first person type shooter game run and gun type arcade game. This would be my favorite!

For me its a tie between the Mario games and the Donkey Kong games. They are both very fun game series.

Talk about prefix stuff i really like Child of Light, and for art direction its Guacamelee which are absolutely gorgeous

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Nice! So it helps you with art? or you like the art direction meaning graphics? I’ve never heard of both games but will check it out.

Of course i am talking about the graphics. You should take a try with both games


I thought so! Okay sounds good maybe someday soon I will try both games!

I would go with the mario series, maybe the child of light will be my next pick after trying it out.

My favorite 2D game has to be the Alto’s odyssey and the adventure. Those games have pretty good graphics and the design too. I’d say that in terms of satisfaction for playing the game I’d definitely recommend it the same. So I’d definitely recommend this game.


Hollow Knight or Ori and the Blind Forest.