What's your favorite video game review YouTube channel?

It’s either WatchMojo or Angry Joe and IGN for me when it comes to where I get a well detailed reviews on video games.

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WatchMojo happens to be my favorite amongst the list that you have mentioned. I have been making use of them for more than 10 years if I remembered correctly.

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WatchMojo is really good to the best of my knowledge. I have never seen any user who doesn’t fancy their channel because they are always very detailed.

WatchMojo is among the first YouTube channel about video games that I always use and recommend for newbie gamers who need credible information on games.

ssethtzeentach, def ssethtzeentach . He is too funny, and the reviews seem to be really on point even tho his rating system lacks any logic lol.
I did actually play some of the games he reviewed, so I think that’s a huge plus. If you just watch it to see what’s new and don’t get into it, well then it’s not the best reviewer in my oppinion.

Angry Joe is definitely one of my favorites. All of the reviews are very thorough and funny. Especially the short hilarious sketch part at the very begininng of every review.