When did you get your PS4?

Do you remember when you bought your PS4? Was it when it first came out or did you wait awhile?
I think I got my PS4 around 5 months after they released it.

I got my ps4 4 years ago only. It’s not that old and is still in very good shape. I am thinking to buy ps5 but not now, I’m gonna wait at least 6 months.

I didn’t purchased the PS4, it was my brother who gifted me the console on my birthday in 2014. It was late night and my brother into in my room and gave a shock. II was stunned he satisfied my desire for having a PS4

I got mine around 3 years ago. I’m always behind on getting the latest devices and if I have a device that still works then I just keep using it until it breaks.

Oh, my first PS4? 2 years ago, before that I used a PC for game playing. To get PS5 I will wait 1 year for sure.

Same, I got my PS4 2 years ago. Before it i had a pc. It wasn’t a good gaming PC it was a normal one. I played a lots of low quality games on it. Later i replace it with my PS4