When will the PC parts shortages end?

It seems like this shortage of PC parts is really become a burden on many people’s lives. I’ve been hoping to build a new gaming PC soon, and sadly It’s not going to happen with how the market is right now. If you want anything, it’s going to cost ya an arm and a leg.

So, I’m still waiting. When do you think things will go back to normal?

I didn’t know there was a shortage. I did notice though that the price of video cards has skyrocketed. :frowning:

I noticed too, that video card price is crazy. I wanted to build a mining rig with 8 GPU, but man first, you cant buy more than a 1, and second, the price is crazy. So for now I am mining with 1 GPU, of course when I am not playing the games.

8 GPUs? They sell cases/motherboards that will fit that?

Yes, you can install 8 gpus without a problem. Something similar to this rig below.
[ATTACH type=“full”]353[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=“full”]352[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=“full”]351[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH type=“full”]350[/ATTACH]

Awesome! Is that custom?

Yes, it is the custom-built rig.

Let’s say till the end of the year when production is gonna ramp up and shelves will be full again. I also need a few GPUs.

It’s a big shortage, especially with the GPUs. GeForce RTX 3070 for $1600?? I hope the price gonna drop soon.

It seems like prices and shortages are improving. I was able to get a custom gaming PC with everything I wanted. I think the cost was up 10% but still, not bad. I feel like everything will normalize now that China got rid of crypto mining. That and COVID really caused the most shortages.

The only thing I need is a new PSU. I found a “Gamer” 700w on Amazon for $55. That works!

Cool, right on!