Where do you get your gaming news?

As the title says, Where do you go to get your gaming news? I would like to know so I have more than one place to go for gaming news.

I don’t have a specific website. I simply search it on Google like majority does.

I’m using eurogamer web site, or game stop or ign. I don’t have only one source.

Ever since I’ve joined AllGamersTalk , it’s the place which would inform me all about the exciting gaming news.

Here seems like a good place like @PUBGplayer has mentioned. I also just browse around on Youtube or Google do a google search and a whole bunch of sites for video game news will pop up.

I Google search or use a gaming forum like all gamers and I do get some notifications from YouTube when a game is released.

I get gaming news through gaming communities, discord or google. The gaming groups are basic source of such information.

I just check Reddit news and sometimes may view game news and guide from [COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)]SSEGold.

I just Google it. I don’t have any preference source of the news.

Sometimes here, but I also use a site called N4g that aggregates all the best gaming news stories in one place. It also allows you to upload articles to their database, and sometimes helps you get more publicity. :slight_smile:

Mostly through YouTube and Facebook, really. I also take a look at gaming forums such as this one and more specific ones such as Reddit (since they have subreddits for almost every game out there).

Youtube. There are many games channels with news and updates of all games c: Better i didn’t found!

Yeah N4G is a good resource. I think there are other sites like it though.

Yeah youtube is great. I usually find a lot of my news just from YouTube alone. I will also find news from Facebook and Twitter as well. Basically any social media will do.

I follow most of these video games companies on Twitter and they always update their Tweets all the time. I also follow good YouTube channels like WatchMojo and IGN.

YouTube is the best channel for me to get all the news and information on games that interests me. I make use of Angry Joe and IGN most of the time.