Which animal scares you the most?

Which animal has scared you the most and why?

In my case once there was a raccoon who scared the life out of me.

Unlike Tom, I’m afraid of mice. They’re tiny and cunning.

For me it would be a tiger. They look nice from far away but don’t want to mess with tigers!

bugs if they count

Its lion, because any animal can scare from human but this animal can’t

I have never gotten used to snakes. But a friend of mine is buying a snake for a pet!! Very awkward, based on the beliefs of my people! But am hoping to practice getting used to snakes using his pet snake. I guess i just hate all reptiles and amphibians. But then i think about the Chinese who consider them a delicacy! :cool:

I get cold chills anytime i see a Gecko! I was watching some guy on YouTube who is keeping them as a pet! I wonder how people managed to keep such pets. To me, i consider it ugly. Why do people keep such pets?!

Well bears are dangerous when it comes to make humans terrified.

Wasps. I know they’re small compared to us, but I’m petrified of them, and they’re a bunch of annoying pests. I’m afraid they could sting, which really hurts and could attract the hive. It’s a massive phobia for me.

True, i have never had a good experience with Wasps! Have been bitten several times. I think they just hate me!

I am an animal lover to some extent but yes , I’ve a bat phobia.

Only bitten you? You didn’t get stung? I’ve heard the reason they become aggressive is because of the alcohol in fruit and excessive sugar consumption. Not sure whether this is true or not, but I know everything happens for a reason.

Snakes scares me the most. Most times in do see them around the bush beside my compound. Other wide animals are scary to me also, but they live in a wild forest, except one visit game reserved center.

Am extremely scared of alligator. Back in 2016, we found a full grown alligator in my room and it took five of us to kill it. Since then I learned how to take care of my room

Actually I have quite a number of animals that scares me but I think snake scares me the most of them all.

I haven’t been exposed to much animals to determine which animals scares me the most. What I can say is lizards can scare the world out of me.