Which do you prefer Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?

Exactly what the title says. Which series do you prefer when it comes to the fighting genre? Between the likes of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, or another game completely? I vote for Mortal Kombat because of their history. I just have more fun with the MK series. But Street Fighter is also pretty great! Which series do you prefer though?

Oh my God, I love the street fighter iv that I played on my old ps3!! What great memories!!

Street Fighters This game brought me 12 years ago

For me Mortal combat would win

I gotta rep Street Fighter. Street Fighter 2 was my jam back in the day. I wrecked other kids who challenged me. I wish I had the same skills for the newer games though. I haven’t really kept up with either. But I do have some fond memories with Mortal Kombat as well.

In a popularity contest between the two, I honestly don’t know which game would win. I could see it going 50/50

Ah this is so hard to choose as I love both games! I think I will have to pick street fighter because that’s the game I played first out of the 2 on my Super Nintendo.

I’d like to chose Street Fighter, Its my favorite game since my childhood. I often spent my time with my brother by playing this game. I don’t like Mortal Kombat this game is harassment and bloody. There’ll blood everywhere once you hit your opponent

Smash Bros for the win boys! I love Smash bros. Been playing the series ever since the N64 version. I have every game that came out too. I can’t wait for a new Smash game to come out. I bet Nintendo releases a new Switch and we get a new Smash along with it.

Definitely Street Fighter. I like mortal kombat, but Street Fighter it’s a better fighting game.

Oh yes, the Street Fighter is my favorite. I have SF 30th anniversary on my PC, and Ryu is my favorite character.

Street Fighter all the way…

Mortal Kombat all the way. I am thinking of playing the game tomorrow.