Which game you play most to spend hours ?

i have spent the most time on StarCraft and Warcraft what your choise guys ?. Which game you play most to spend time

I’ve spent more than 1000 hours in gta san andreas i don’t know why but I just go back to that game again and again and again

Fortnite bro…i can spend my whole day playing it. It’s crazy, I know ??

I’ve probably spent around 3,000 hours when I was a kid/preteen playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. That was when I had a time limit as well that my parents had for me but over the years it’s probably been around 3,000 hours.

Same with San Andreas for me. I played that game so much, that it literally tired me out from the GTA Franchise for a while.

Other games I played a ton are; Skyrim, WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, Call of Duty, and a bunch of others.

Talking about mobile games, I’d say PUBG can kill time fast.

Right now its between GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 but I find I’m playing more of Red Dead lately.

The games I play the most are the call of duty series and Halo. Those are my favorites of all time. Each one that releases seems to get better and better. I don’t think any game has been that good in quite some time. It’s incredibly fun to play.

Dark Souls, playing it since 2018. and stay logged in every hours after getting tired from my work

I’m playing Minecraft these days specially the most.

I spent hours in playing COD BO4.

I have friend and he seems obsessed with the call of duty series. I used to be obsessed with Halo back in the day.

These days I am playing FIFA 21 FUT.

Recently i was played this Archwar game and this is quite an interesting game.

Check the game out at:

Other portals:

As my avatar is glowing right there , I’ve been playing Deadpool for the third time recently. It’s the funniest , cringiest game I’ve played. It’s extremely enjoyable.

It’s challenging to say as I don’t time myself while gaming. Time flies by. But, thinking about it, it would probably have to be GTA V. I spent countless hours saving up cash for my character, obtaining the new property, weaponry, and modifications for cars.

Played Rb6 for more than 1300 hrs. and OW for 500+ hrs.

I spent more time on lords of the rings. I could remember playing the games for almost a whole day.