Which is the best VPN provider?

Hey Gamers,
I have a question for you. I am not familiar with VPN, but I really need one. I did some research but also would like to hear from you which one is the best.

[HEADING=2]The Best Black Friday VPN Deals This Week[/HEADING]
[]ExpressVPN: One-Year Plan + Three-Months Free — $99.95 (List Price $194.20)
]NordVPN: Two-Year Plan + Three-Months Free — $89.00 (List Price $286.80)
[]IPVanish: One-Year Plan — $34.99 (List Price $143.88)
]CyberGhost: Three-Year Plan + Three-Months Free — $87.75 (List Price $506.61)
[]Norton Secure: One-Year Plan on Five-Devices — $39.99 (List Price $79.99)
]Surfshark: Two-Year Plan + Three-Months Free — $59.76 (List Price $349.65)
[]Private Internet Access: Two-Year Plan + Two-Months Free — $69.95 (List Price $258.70)
]TunnelBear: Two-Year Plan — $99.99 (List Price $239.76)

Cyber ghost is the best VPN for torrenting and streaming. I also use it for fasts gaming Its a cheap and worth for all kind of work

Go for express or nordvpn if you can afford it . I am using nord right now . Speeds are pretty good , but they are some issue while connecting to servers.

Guys, thank you for all your help. My budget is tight so I decided to go with Private Internet Access. So far so good. Thanks ?

I’ve been using Betternet VPN services , its working fine for me.

Anybody here with router level VPN connections?. I am using TorGuard and whenever i try to access Netflix using US location its always gives me the following error

Wider screen is the best VPN to use. It gives you the opportunity to chose any location you want. And also provide you with about 15 gig of data plan, so that one did not burn a lot of data when the app is on.