Which one is your all time favorite PC game?

I mostly play Warcraft on my pc that’s my all time favorite pc game.

My favorite PC game was back when EA Sports made baseball games for the PC as I’m a big baseball fan.

My all time favorite pc game has to be IGI 1. It’s a classic masterpiece indeed.

For me it was Myst back in the 90s. Myst was a fun game of exploring around and trying to complete the challenges it had in the game.

My favorite PC game is the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. It was one of my favorite games of all time. I don’t play console games on PC like a lot of people do. My computer can’t handle it. One thing I do however do is play small games like yugioh and pokemon tcg.

I have to say Death Track and the original Simcity (both circa late 80’s). I’d play them for hours on end. :slight_smile:

Crysis. Its Still looks flawless, colossal opportunity to play , and an open world plan makes the game more gorgeous.

Its Minecraft. I like to due to its mods. I made my own version of sky craft and most of my friends like it

Cool. I played that and the others in the series. Pretty fun!! :smiley:

My all time favorite game has to COD MW2. It was a complete game indeed.

Well, Uncharted 4 is a great choice for PS users.

Red Alert 2

Unreal Tournament

Quake 3

Half Life 2

Portal/Portal 2

That’s more than one. hehe

I started playing path of exile and completely forgot I was halfway through Grim Dawn! This is a good reminder. I need to circle back.

It has to be [COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)]FFXIV. For anyone who is looking for a time-sink, a good story (would even rival a single-player RPG), and a wonderful community; this game has a bit of everything.

Hi, IGI is my favourite PC game. I loved to play it on my PC. I buy the best LGA 1155 CPU especially for it. You may not believe but I did not play PUBG or call of duty yet.

Hello how are you? Nice to meet you. I love warcraft, do you still play?

Hello people I’m new here. How are you? Do you play cracked games?

Stay on topic please.

I don’t play pc games because my pc hardly run Google Chrome :ROFLMAO: But I got a good mobile gaming device on which I play New PUBG mobile .