Which VR headset would you recommend for a PC user?

I am looking into VR gaming. I mainly want it to play Minecraft in VR. I was impressed with the look and feel of it when I watched someone else playing. I would imagine it is even better while actually playing the game. It is the perfect game for it really too. I do enjoy Minecraft but it has grown stale for me over the last few years. This would get me back into it again and it would be a fun game to experience on a VR headset. What would you recommend for someone new to VR who intends on using it for PC gaming?

Oculus Quest 2 are quite famous and expensive , for cheap alternative I would say Hyperkin GelShell

Oculus is a pretty decent brand of VR headsets, I’d check them out. Vive has theirs, but they’re a tad bit more pricey imo.

I feel it’s fairly priced compared to the other VR headsets on the market right now. I’ve seen a lot more pricey alternatives to it.

As for Hyperkin GelShell, that’s not even a headset. That’s a silicone skin for the HTC vive made by Hyperkin. Hyperkin doesn’t even make VR headsets. Maybe peripherals, but they would never be in the market to make actual VR headsets.

Well if you are looking for quality in a VR headset , then go for HTC VIve Pro , it is the best in the market given that it’ll cost you around 500 $ which is expensive indeed.