White chocolate or dark chocolate?

I like white chocolates more as they are not bitter and more tasty to me than the dark chocolate. Which type do you like the most?

Dark chocolate for me . I have tried the white one didn’t liked it very much.

May I know of which brand , have you tried the white chocolate?

I have tried Ghirardelli and Hershey’s one . Both were great.

Am a fan of chocolate and I enjoy both, but I prefer black chocolate because it mostly comprises of cocoa solid, butter and sugar.

Black chocolate for sure? I like sweets a lot and I know that is not much good, but I can’t help myself. Just give me Nutella right ? now

Black all the way, can’t go a day without some sweet coals touching my lips

I love eating the dark chocolate. It is simple to prepare and have a fantastic taste.

I prefer white chocolates than the dark ones.