Who has the most serious fans?

What fans take their games and consoles more seriously? Could it be Sony? Maybe Nintendo? Or even possibly Microsoft?
I think Nintendo and Sony are close to tied, as both fan bases are pretty serious. But, I think Sony might edge it out since their consoles sell a lot more.
But, I don’t know what the more toxic fanbase would be. What do you guys think?

I grew up playing on Nintendo consoles. I moved on to Xbox and later Xbox 360 but ended up getting the PS4 after. I only played on PS consoles at a friend’s prior to that. Having not owned any of the modern Nintendo consoles (Wii, Switch, etc) outside of the 3DS, I can’t comment on that fanbase. I will say out of the two others, Sony seems to be a bit more, well, “serious” and not in a good way.

I own a PC and a PS4 but i prefer the PC most. We can run any games and it has customization offer which mean i can play PlayStation Games on it

This is really interested. Can you provide more info about that customization?

My thinking is that Sony has the most serious fans.

Sony has the biggest fan base of all . Just check the popularity of new PS5 .

The fan following of the PS by Sony is the most. They defend and appreciate their console at all times.

Sony takes it more serious than any other gaming company. They have made a lot of impossible games come to existence.

In my opinion, Sony has the most serious fan base. I own ps3, ps4, and now I am waiting for the PS5 digital version. Sony all the time.