whos better

Valorant or fortnite

put it in the comments pls

I’d like to go with valorant, There’s not much changing with Fortnite after the new update and the new content everyone will run back to it. Since both are free to play so we can play both but fortnite does cater to the younger audience and console

Valorant is not a direct rival to Fortnite in the sense that it’s a battle royale. Rather, it’s pursuing Counterstrike as a quite clear clone. Essentially it’s still a shooter and if it can settle into the “hot brand-new thing” area that Fortnite inhabited for so long, it will do harm to the aging BR title. I would say that Volorant has a bright future.

For me, always original, and in this case that is Fortnite :slight_smile:

I am not playing it that much, but my opinion is that Fortnite is much better.