Why Five Nights at Freddy's is so damn popular ?

This game has been around since 2014 and its still so popular in our society. Can anyone explain it to me? I saw gameplay on the YouTube and it looks like a scary jump game. Now I get the point of the game, but I just can’t see people being into it can you explain to me why it’s so liked?

Well its due to the YouTubers who still promoting this game also it has some relation with amines community. I don’t play that game

I also believe that’s the main reason it gaining the popularity. People are just earning the money from YouTube with this game. It released free. I am wonder how the Slenderman game was free and got super popular.

I saw some anime artist on the YouTube and what i find that they’re connected with “markplier” and other YouTuber with “Five Nights” Popularity started purely because of this approach

When community builds content for you, then that game has more chances of survival long term.