Why SSD is so important?

Hi, I never use SSD so I am completely unaware of it What makes an SSD so important?. I am building my brand new PC and wonder if I should install windows onto an SSD. Why are they important?

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Its faster than HDD and more responsive with a much quicker access time. Since you’re building your PC you should surly go with the SSD it will gives you more improvement in term of gaming and streaming

That’s nice, ok fine i will go with the SSD and put my all games on it

Well actually No, You have to install Windows on your SSD its make your Windows/boot faster. People only use to to install the Windows. You can buy an other HDD for your gaming

Only windows ? what’s significant the difference

Well you’ll get it once you utilized it. It’s hard to express how significant the difference is. A hard drive can feel frustratingly slow.

There’s no physically moving part on it which mean it can be much faster. Use it only for windows installation don’t put game on it. I got the SSD and now my bootup time decreased from 10 second to 5

I am using SSD on my gaming PC only for OS booting. Also, I have 2 x 3TB HDD’s for my games. SSD drive offer instant-load performance, meaning faster boot times, faster application loading times, and better system responsiveness. I am very happy with it! And, nowadays the price is not too high anymore. You can have it for cheap tho :slight_smile:

That’s completely right bro! I’m doing it in the same way. SSD for win10 boot, and regular HDD for the games.

Yes, that is the best way to go bro.

My strong reason for going with the SSD would be having the speed. Something like that I have not found much improvement in the HDD world over the years. But the SSD loading and also working seems to have improved and also it’s lot better to work with over a period of time too.

An SSD performs basically the same function as a hard drive, but since it has no physical moving parts, it can be much faster.

I look at an SSD like flash drives and SD cards. They’re kind of like that I think. Like Hermino said above, they don’t have moving parts. I believe it’s more like flash memory.

SSDs are a lot faster, last a lot longer, and are better protected against data breaches and other threats.