Why you deleted the strategy games on your phone?

As the title says,why?
It costs too much? Attacked by other players every day? Or…?

yes, I deleted it because when I am not playing then other players attacking me. so I stopped playing it on my phone. what about you? what game do you play?

Oneday I login,food,wood,stone everything 1000k→2k…and I found a mail: Don’t farm on our territory:) Now I play Tetris?

There’s many games available on the Play store and i love you try them one by one. I often del the game after completing 2 or 3 stages and then i move on

Sounds like a good way,I’ll try!thank u‼️

When the strategy game gets too frustrating for me to bear, I think that the best next possible line of action is to have the game deleted to have my peace.

If I’m tired of playing, I’m tired of playing, there is nothing that’s going to make me stick to play the strategy game anymore.

Also, when I get a far more better and interesting game to play and memory seems to be an issue for me, the strategy game goes out the window immediately.

I don’t waste time when it comes to deleting games that are no longer relevant being on my system. Let it make way for a far more better ones.

Most of the time, I don’t really get into play a lot of strategy based video games because I really love playing more of AAA games.