Will future consoles be getting even bigger?

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are both pretty big consoles, probably the biggest the market has seen yet. Do you think when the next gen comes, that consoles will be even bigger? What do you think?

Bigger than a gaming PC setup ?. We all know that gaming PC’s are the biggest console so maybe yes in the future we may see the bigger consoles

True, but the newer consoles are getting bigger just like PCs, because a lot of them are pretty much smaller PCs. And I think in the future, they will have to get bigger because they are going to become more like PCs in the future.

I think we’ll get one more console gen, and of course the new consoles will be massive. Because by this point you have to essentially make a PC. I think what will happen instead is that streaming by this point will become more sophisticated, where we won’t need to have this massive hardware to play the game. We’ll instead be able to stream a portion of it possibly. I figure streaming will not become the future, but, they could use a portion of streaming to put out the game, and the console for more resources. idk, just an idea. :smiley: