Will 'human immortality' be possible in the upcoming future?

Since digitizing human brains is still possible in the current period , what do you think about human immortality?

The brain is an untold story, and I think that immortality is not possible. That’s nature bro, we all die somehow.

You’re accurate with your statement regarding the brain , I must say.

Some scientist theorised immorality of human body, suggesting that human mortality can be achieve in 21st century, but I don’t think that can be achieve able.

It is impossible for people to be immortal. Every soul will taste death. So we should live our life as if is the last moment of our life

Not in a billion years, they can clone, they can make robots but immortality is just impossible.

Immortality is not a piece of cake which anyone get , we as humans , we all will die , saying it with faith and logic.