Windows, macOS, or Linux?

The majority of people are totally entrenched with their preferred OS option. If you’re upgrading from an old device, you may desire to re-evaluate your alternatives. If you’re selecting an OS for your desktop or notebook computer, there are 3 primary options: Windows, macOS, and Linux. Which one would you choose, and why?

I am using both Windows and macOS. Windows is installed on my gaming PC, and macOS is for my work only. So why Windows? Because my games are running pretty well on it. And, macOS because I need high security for all my work.

My gaming pc is running win 10. I never had any single issue playing my games on it.

I see we all using win-10 pro so far. I heard that Linux is very good OS but I didn’t try it.

Windows is the best Operating System. We can run any program on it while Mac and Linux have different programming language. Windows is easy to use and manage. I prefer windows more than any other OS

Definitely Microsoft Windows for me. I’m using version 10. Compared to Mac or Linux operating systems, most programs are for Windows and, therefore, not compatible with any other OS, unfortunately.

Windows for normal usage and Linux for security purpose

I am more of Windows and Linux guy. Macintosh less exposure and used very less times. I think macintosh is something I wish to use using the opencore and few other hackintosh hacks. But as of now just relying on the Windows and Linux for the everyday usage items. I don’t know maybe in near future I may get apple.

MacoS is the best. I have only use window operating system before. But when I see my friends using macoS, it makes there work easier and faster, with less stress.

I have both, windows and Linux os, but I preferred windows for playing the games.

Desktop Linux wired . I tried many times but it’s not ready to use it everyday.