Wireless or wired console controllers?

When you are choosing your console controllers, do you go for the wireless or wired controllers? What’s the reason behind your choice?

For my comfortability when gaming, I’m going to choose playing with wireless controllers, although having to charge them would be an issue sometimes.

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My brother recently fell in love with the wireless controllers I purchased for him. I get why he really likes them as well because he’s tired of the wired ones.

I have been playing with wired controllers all of my life ever since I started playing video games, so I’m completely done with them and moved on to wireless.

I do understand that there is a way that wired controllers would frustrate you, then you have to move up to wireless by all means just do have peace.

Yeah, at least I can play my games being relaxed sitting away from the television unlike when I do with wired controllers. It’s very annoying for me.