Wolfenstein Series

Any fans here of the Wolfenstein series? It’s one I actually prefer over Doom and some other FPS games. I remember playing it the first time when I was a kid. I even love the newer games in the series, and can’t wait for future games in the series now.

Wolfenstein was lots of fun. I haven’t played the newer games (though I should!) I played Wolfenstein 3D in 1991 and Spear of Destiny in 1992.

Yeah, you gotta play the newer games in the series. They’re really well done and quite fun to play. As well, the story in all of them is pretty wacky, so it’s got that going for it as well.

I played all of the games in the series. I grew up with them, along with Doom, Quack, and so on.

For sure some of these days I will have to try the newer games. The graphics are probably way better too!

Surez I agree with you, but I make sure to check them on YouTube or live streams to know which one to get next.