World of goo gets update

I know i am late but this game getting update 10 years later. This games was first lauch in 2009 and after 10 years its gets update

I am so happy this game gets some attention. It was my first ever PC indie game and i am surprise its been 18 bundles. Everything is changed but i am still stuck with this game

Damn, I have linux version and its out dated. I have to downgrade my opeating system to windows version in order to play it

You don’t need to downgrade your system. Just follow this rules and you’ll able to play windows games on your linux

You just bring my childhood memories back. I was crazy for this game and spent many hour on it. After 10 years i feel like a child again lol. Can’t wait to play it

Wow! The game has 18 bundles? That sure is a lot of bundles for 1 games! That’s cool that it was your first ever PC indie game.

Oh! Good old days. I could remember spending the whole day play it in my room