World of Warcraft

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I used to play this game back in the day. I don’t anymore but I remember it being fun especially playing against friends or my brother.
It’s good to see it’s still quite popular. Does anyone else still play this game? It’s a huge online strategy game.

I played vanilla WoW in 2006 and it was pretty cool. My g/f plays it currently and has all the expansions and everything. :slight_smile:

I am playing RTS games since my childhood and that’s the main reason why i still play World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online attract me to this game

I once play it on my pc and i didn’t like the story, its not necessarily well done in game. But the location is great and make you a good feel

I haven’t played the game since 2008 I think. I kind of just was done with it and threw it away. Sounds silly but I spent too much time on it and it was not good for me. While I do enjoy games like it, I realized early on that if I get too into a game and start prioritizing it in my life, it has got to go.

My friends play it , but i have not tried it till now.

I loved playing the World of Warcraft. And it was one of the good MMO in that time. I wish they could come back in the android device now. Considering we are tired of the heavy PC based gameplay of the WOW. Not a lot fun than it used to be. I personally don’t find much fun playing the game anymore as people have moved on.