Worst fighting games you played

What would you guys say are some of the worst fighting games out there? I would say the likes of Balls was pretty bad, but also that Star Wars fighting game that came out for the PS1 I think it was. Another game that comes to mind, is the Street Fighter The Movie the game. It tried so hard to make the movie popular, but it didn’t turn out good.

Name some fighting games you consider to be some of the worst.

Rise of the Robots. Really terrible game. The characters were exhausting, the controls sucked, the moves were faltering. I never recommend gamer to try it. Its just a waste of your downloading/time

The worst game I can recall playing was definitely Shaq Fu. I don’t understand how this game was even made, and on top of that, they made a sequel like a few years ago, that also turned out to be really bad lol.

Fanmade editions of Tekken.