Would you build a new gaming PC in an old case?

One thing I find people do, is they reuse old PC cases when building their newer PCs. Would you ever build a suped-up gaming PC in a really old PC case? I think it would be kind of cool to build a new computer but in a really old case. Has anyone here done this themselves?

I have no idea if today’s gaming gears could fit in an old case. I’m curious now, and gonna do some research on the net.

No for various reasons. Often there are some parts which I want to extend like say neon cooling and want to have a better gaming rig for myself. In such case I think old case wont be always a good option. You should go with any mod case that you want. I also think a lot of new gear changing every year may not fit old cases as well.

Its better to get a new case, since the new stuff won’t fit in old case. So it should better if we consider another case too

It is already here, and it is looking cool :slight_smile: