Would you ever quit gaming?

Do you think you would ever quit gaming? Older people say they quit gaming when they were in their 30’s or something like that they just grew out of gaming. What do you think? Will this happen to you?

Well in my case I’d say not anytime soon at all.

No way, I’m not gonna quit for sure!

I quit right now!

Just kidding :smiley: I will never quit video gaming. Whoever my girlfriend/wife will be won’t be able to make me stop lol

There isn’t a need of quitting it if you’re good in controlling yourself. For instance you can limit your gaming hours rather than quitting it.

Heck no I would never quit gaming! I would rather be gaming then get married but maybe I’ll find a wife that likes video games too hehe.

I would never quit gaming. To be honest your never to old to pick up a controller. Maybe to play Nintendo though I still would play that as well but some of these games are so advanced that there’s no point in ever stopping playing.

Well NO, whenever i fell stress or tired from my office work i play games. I assumes games are the only thing which make me feel better after a hard work. I will never quit the games

I started 4 years ago with gaming, and if you ask me now, I am not gonna stop ever, but who knows exactly. Maybe I am gonna get bored.

yeah but sometimes i would still play if its a battle royale game

Never! Why should I quit gaming? It is not negatively affecting any part of my life. In fact, it keeps me sane in all this pandemic and lockdown menace. Plus, the games’ manufacturers have been keen on making games that literally grow with me. I find the games with an adult swing to be so appealing and hard to resist!

Not anytime soon will I quit video games I suppose , they are relaxants to my anxiety.

I don’t think I will quit gaming in the next 60 years, lol trust me, I don’t know know what I would do without video games.

Don’t think so. 25 but still playing and will hope to continue my streak.

I think only responsibilities can make me stop gaming. When i become adult and start my job. I don’t think i get enough time to play

Compared to how much I was playing just 10 years ago, I play a lot less now. I am approaching my 30’s. I have a wife now, expecting a baby next February so it is all for the best that I don’t play as much. There is a chance that I do quit or at least take long breaks once a kid is in the picture. We will see!

Maybe when i become busy in my life ( family responsibilities ) i may quit the games or give less time to play games. Otherwise i don’t see any reason of quieting games

If only my eyes are no longer readable and my arms and fingers not responding to playing again, then I can quit playing video games in peace.

Quitting games completely is going to be very difficult for me as long as I can still play them. It’s a big source of happiness and excitement for me.

The truth of the matter is that there’s actually no wrong in quitting any game. It’s your money that you used to purchase the games, and it’s your time used in playing it. So, it’s still your decision to pull the plug on it or not.