Would you join the Esports world?

I would love to get into esports, the only issue with doing so, is that I’m by no means a pro at most games haha! I try to be as good as I possibly can, but the stuff some of these pro gamers can do is out of this world. I wish I could play the likes of Call of Duty and Fornite like some of the pros do. I would at least try my hand at esports.

I play sports video games online sometimes if that counts as esports lol I’m not in any leagues or anything like that at the moment because of my schedule but I would like to be. That would be fun.

The did not become pros overnight. Just get started and keep practicing. Before you know it, you will be pulling some stunts that will even amaze yourself. I once did some backflip on FIFA 19. Since that day, i have never pulled that stunt, i even don’t know how i did it, but it was pretty cool.

Most important, remember its just a game. You don’t need to be a pro in to enjoy a game. Just play to get the satisfaction.

I play online games a lot but have come to terms that I’ll never be as good as younger people who can now dedicate a lot of their time to play. I simply don’t have the time to offer

You are right. Even if you had the time. You cannot attain the expertise that the youngsters exhibit. Their mind is young and their reaction time is seconds quicker than us…the old dogs!! But on the other had, we have a ton of experience! They will still have to consult us :slight_smile:

My kid cousin beats me in chess nowadays, yet am the one who introduced her to chess!! :frowning: