Would you sell a PS4 for a gaming PC?

If you have to dispose one so that you get another one, would you dispose your PS4 to buy a gaming PC? if yes, why? …and why not?

Sure, because you can make such a powerful PC for playing all the games. The only issue is that selling ps4 for about $200, you have to add a lot more money to build a powerful PC.

True. Since PS5 was announced, the resell value of PS4 has dropped drastically. You’d rather gift a friend or relative than selling it.
And yes, PC have unlimited possibilities. You can run literally everything on it. Plus the size allows it to be expanded to have better specs unlike consoles.

Sure, anytime, I would dispose of PS4 for PC. PCs are just monsters in terms of versatility and power.

It depends on the specifications. If I were to sell a PS4, I would only get 200-250$ for it at the most, so I would have to top up the rest for a decent build. The value for the Playstation 4 will continue to drop as newer models are released…

I won’t sell my PC just to get another device for gaming , and given that I’ve a PS4 and a PC , I don’t need to sell any of those.

If I have to , I will definitely sell my PS4…For me PC>>PS4

I think I will hold the PS 4 for one more year before selling it. As of now I think the PS 5 users will have 1 more year before they can decide to sell the old consoles. And older consoles have a good price too if the consoles are functional. I think we just have to wait for that old device market to popup on ebay and other stores online.

PC game worth thousand of dollars and i don’t think the price you get by selling the PS4 is enough to get PC