Would you take a job as video game tester?

Would you ever take a job being a video game tester? I originally wanted to be a game tester around the time I was a teen. But I soon gave up on that dream, as I found out it wasn’t as fun as you’d think. Game testers need to play the same sections over and over, and basically they need to break the game. This helps further develop the game, and helps fix any problems.

Who here would take a job as a game tester? Does anyone here work as a game tester?

@Mack nice post (y) I would like to work as a game tester :slight_smile: do you know how to get that job? Is that paid job or you are volunteer?

It all depends on how much they pay you to be a video game tester. Just think though you would get to be paid to play video games even though if it gets boring!

No I would not want to have a job as a video game tester. To me that would take the fun out of playing games.

Why would I not wanting to be that , It’s one of the best jobs ever. I hope one day I’d be a game tester.

where can I apply bro?? I wanna be a game tester! bu maybe @Dogwood has right if you are a full-time game tester then you are losing passion for playing games:(

It would be cool to do this for a job! like @Jack01 mentioned where can I sign up? I don’t think I would lose my passion for video games I think it would grow even more.

There is absolutely no reason to not take it. It’s a job which every gamer would like to do.

It could be interesting in the beginning, but I’m pretty sure that over the time I will get bored with doing it.