WWE 2K games ever be good again?

WWE 2K games haven’t been that good in years as they don’t really change a whole lot about the games and the gameplay. The last game, WWE 2K20 kind of destroyed the franchise. Do you think they will have to find a new studio to work on WWE games? I think it’s time to get new devs in on the games, because they need to make something completely new.

What do you guys think?

I had 2k19 on the Xbox but only played it for a little bit. It was decent, but not worth paying full price. I got it for $20.

I think I played 2k16 or some wrestling game at a friends back then and I wasn’t that fond of it. I don’t even watch wrestling let alone play the video game! :cool:

They’re okay I suppose. I have more fond memories of the old wrestling games. Like WWF No Mercy. Now that’s a wrestling game. 2K has ruined the wrestling genre in my opinion. Their versions of the game isn’t great.

Makes me wonder what they have in store for a new WWE game. Hopefully they hire a good dev team.

What I believe , WWE needs some time to get back with a bang,

Same herep, I don’t think it’s worth my penny either. I still prefer going for other games.