X-COM Series

Any fans of the X-COM series here? I played a few of the games and really enjoyed the most recent released. X-COM 2 is my favorite game in the whole series though. What’s your favorite in the series? I can’t wait to get more games from this team.

XCOM is a turn-based procedure game with a key guide where you settle on significant choices between missions on managing a general outsider danger. Truly, XCOM is more genuine with perma-death which mean you lose the entire mission once you dead

I could never get into the XCOM series. I have been told by friends to keep giving it a chance, but I am not a fan of the genre. I gave it a try, and that’s all I’m willing to do. But I do understand why people like it. It’s just not for me.

Unfortunately, I’m not a science fiction fan ?

Never tried it but now that you mentioned it, it is worth a try