Xbox Series X isn't 100% backwards compatible with all past games

So I was under the impression that the Xbox Series X would work with all original Xbox, 360 and Xbox One games. Well that’s somewhat right. I think all Xbox One games will work on the new Xbox. But, for 360 and Xbox original, they still need to do the licensing nonsense to get them on there, just like they had to do with the 360/original xbox games on the Xbox One.

So, this means we can’t play all the Xbox original games like I had hoped. There are a lot of games I’d like to stream, but it won’t happen because of this. :frowning:

Yeah, I heard about that after MetalJesusRock’s video on the new Xbox Series X. They will require licensing and all that stuff, as they will be putting these games on sale on their marketplace and in game pass likely.

I was hopeful to play some of my favorites on the Xbox again, but if they have to worry about licensing and other things to do it. I don’t even know if it’s worth it. For example, I wouldn’t mind playing ESPN NFL 2K5 on Xbox, but I don’t see that getting backwards compatibility.