YESSS!!!!! We're getting a new Wolverine game

Yo dude, they’re finally making a new Wolverine game, and it’s going to be made by Insomniac which has done the recent Spider-Man games. It will also be exclusive to the PS5, so there’s that. It was revealed at the recent Sony Showcase, or whatever it was called. They released a cinematic trailer, you can see it in all its glory below.

About time. The last wolverine game was great for its time, but it hasn’t aged all that well since. We’ve been waiting for a true Wolverine game for years and I hope Insomniac delivers on a solid game.

Wolverine is my favorite Marvel hero, I’m so glad he’s getting another game.

Just let it not be like the last Marvel’s Avengers game made by Square Enix that was a major disappointment in my opinion.

Animation looks smooth, and I hope the game is as smooth as Wolverine country songs lol

If they ain’t going to mess up the game in its production, it’s most likely going to come out excellent in my opinion.