Your favorite place to buy digital games

What is your favorite platform to buy digital games? I tend to go with Steam the majority of the time. Helps when they do so many Steam sales. I also have the epic games launcher installed and Rockstar games. Oh, and origin from EA, and I think even another launcher for digital games.

I also buy from the outside market, like cheapassgamer, cdkeys, kinguin, etc. Where do you purchase your digital games from?

Steam, origin, rockstar games, epic launcher

All the same here!

Steam all the way for me! I think Steam has the best variety of games you can buy and it seems to be the most popular place to buy digital games for PC.

I’m using steam, origin, rockstar games and epic games launcher.

My favorite place to buy digital games would definitely be Epic Games. I love using their gaming marketplace, the user interface is perfect & the company randomly gives away freebies. What more could I ask for?

For me it has to be steam. I managed to access the EPIC store. They often run the discounted sales. But for some reason the digital games are turning out to be more or less pain. Digital games are mostly better to be purchased with the steam as you have less headache that way. You get your keys in one place and all of the game developers prefer the steam.