Your Favorite Social Media?

Hey, All Gamers!

We have a lot of social media platforms around such as FB[/URL], [URL=‘’]Twitter[/URL], [URL=‘’][/URL], [URL=‘’]Pinterest[/URL], [URL=‘’]Instagram, etc… My favorite one is Twitter. Because on Twitter I can see fast all gaming news, interesting tweets from twitch streamers, and also I am promoting this nice forum there :slight_smile:

How about you guys?

My favorite SM is definitely Instagram ? I’m using the Twitter too, but IG is the favorite one.

I like using Facebook for connecting with family & friends, WhatsApp for communicating with my employer and colleagues, and finally YouTube for entertainment purposes.

I only use Facebook for social media marketing. I have gaming business and i sell my products on social media. Facebook has a large community and its helps me to promote my business and sell my products

Oh, to be honest with you guys, I have only my Twitter account and that’s it. FB is controlling its users too much.

I use Instagram , Snapchat , and Facebook. Twitter is not my thing nor do I know how to operate it.

I use twitter, FB and insa . Each one has its own pros and cons

Believe it or not, I’m not using any social medias. I’m not special guy but I don’t want to be tracked by any social medias.

I have twitter only. I have no intention to join FB or Instagram.

Instagram because I’m a visual person and Pinterest simply for the idea of an online pinboard