Your favourite Football club?

I support the PL club, Arsenal.

Please share about your club.

I enjoy seeing Aston Villa playing these days. They’re performing really well this season.

Yup, but I think Everton is doing above all! really worried about their performance.

From the Major Soccer League, I like too see LA Galaxy play.

From the Spanish La Liga , Real Madrid is my favorite football club.

I love Neymar as a player due to which I support PSG in soccer. Paris is a complete team if you see.

I don’t like soccer to the extent that I get a team to be my favorite but I’ve heard alot about the El Classico.

Americans call the sport soccer, and over in England, it’s known as Football. Each country has its own teams, and most people, no matter where they live, will have a favorite. I’m not the competitive type and don’t have a preference; I enjoy watching footy regardless.

Arsenal football club is my favorite club. But this days they seems not to be doing well, as they are below the tenth position in the premier league table.

Forever blues (Chelsea). I have been fund of the club since I was a child because I have always been inspired by their players and tactics on the pitch every year. What can I say, I’ve got the blue blood flowing through my veins.

I also support arsenal football club, but most time they are a pain in the ass but I don’t have a choice am in love with the football team

There isn’t a certain club , but I like to see Manchester United playing these days.

Love for Barca even if they aren’t winning laliga this season
Messi’s performance, assists, goals were really cool.

Rangers FC. The most successful domestic football team in the world

I’m from Milan, Italy but my favorite soccer club is Lazio? let’s go Lazio!!