1. fuzy.exe

    Esports Doubts on Purchases

    Hi guys, I'm in doubt and I wish one of you could help me. So I recently needed to buy a gaming laptop for my work that is more powerful than my desktop, and I was thinking about selling my desktop and since I would like to play SONY exclusives (The Last Of Us, God Of War, Uncharted etc.) I...
  2. AllGamers

    PS4 PS5 How to play next-gen games on PS4 with a new PS5 Remote Play app

    A brand-new PS5 Remote Play app has actually been silently contributed to PS4 consoles so that previous-gen systems can stream video games from their followers. The PS5 Remote Play app enables gamers to utilize a PS4 system to link to their next-gen console and manage it over a regional Wi-Fi...