Developed to provide in-game life to genuine people who have actually included themselves greatly in the Fortnite world, the Icons Series includes skins based upon YouTubers, Streamers, and artists. It is among the most recent and most choose groups in Fortnite with, at the time of composing, simply 7 skins. To provide you a take a look at the complete set, we have actually gathered images and details on all the Fortnite Icons Series skins you may experience (or usage) on the fight royale island

For now, just 6 Icons series skins are readily available within Fortnite, however, the most recent addition of Lachlan (more information here) has actually currently been exposed. Here's a take a look at each of them:



The very first Icon skin based upon a material developer was revealed back in January 2020. Provided his face is practically associated with the video game itself, Ninja was the no-brainer option for in-game representation. His blue-haired skin was provided over 2 durations in January and May. It's not likely to ever return, making it rather the special pick up if you own it.



Following on from Ninja, Australian streamer Loserfruit likewise acquired a Fortnite skin in June 2020. The style was based upon clothing she used to the Fortnite Australian Open, and is a great touch, likewise consists of watermelon and citrus fruit pickaxes. Far Loserfruit is the only female to function in the Icons Series.



Signing up with Loserfruit to represent the ANZ area of developers, Aussie Lachlan is the next Icons Series skin revealed by Impressive Games. It's yet to be formally revealed, the brand-new style will show up together with the Lachlan's Pickaxe Craze competition, providing everybody a possibility to make it for complimentary.



To celebrate his in-game show in early 2019, American DJ Marshmello was offered an in-game skin set. Throughout the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, he even had the opportunity to reveal the skin off when partnering with Ninja. While initially included under the Legendary rarity, the skin was switched to the Icons Series after its unveiling. Marshmello has actually dealt with Fortnite thoroughly, even launching the main video developed in the video game's engine.

Major Lazer


Okay, so while we did state that Fortnite's Icons Series is meant to bring genuine people to life in-game, that does not always indicate the skin will appear like them. To represent Jamaican-American electronic dance trio Major Lazer, Fortnite included a skin based upon the animated character which represents the group. Included as part of the Lazerism Set in August 2019, it was later on included in the Icons series.

Travis Scott & Astro Jack


Just like Marshmello, American rap artist Travis Scott was offered an in-game skin to connect an in-game musical efficiency. Stepping up the scale of season-ending occasions, April's Huge efficiency saw Scott take gamers on a visual journey throughout the Fortnite map as he moved through numerous various popular tracks.

The Astro Jack skin was a 2nd Scott style included for the Huge occasion. The painted astronaut face is based upon the astronaut figure utilized to Promote Travis Scott's Astroworld album. The skin got here together with the Travis skin in April 2021.

Those are all the Icons Series skins in Fortnite up until now, however, we believe Impressive will include more in time as they partner with content developers and other well-known faces throughout the world. When they do, we'll do our finest to upgrade this list.