PS4 PC Gaming Apex Legends - Fight or Fright event


Things are getting frightening in Apex Legends, with the Fight or Fright event returning from October 22 to November 3.

The enjoyable begins with the cosmetics, which will let gamers once again dress all of their preferred characters up as whatever from wicked witches to weird clowns. All 24 of the previous year's occasion products will be offered to gamers in-store packages and deals. This will consist of Sweet Dreams Caustic and Wicked Harvest Bloodhound.

Loba and Revenant are likewise due to get new skins that weren't offered in the previous year's occasion. The Apex Legends store will turn weekly throughout the occasion, with various sets of products and skin packages slated for each of the two weeks that it will last. Product offers are likewise set to turn 3 times throughout the occasion.

Furthermore, Fight or Fright will include an event-exclusive reward track with brand new benefits, and gamers will have the ability to get totally free benefits through difficulties.

Unlike other trios matches, gamers who get eliminated will be restored in shadow type, permitting you to continue supporting your group from beyond the tomb. Shadow kind gamers are extremely quickly, have actually boosted movement and major melee abilities.

Gamers will have the ability to take pleasure in the brand-new video game mode for the totality of the occasion.


Oct 22, 2020
This is interesting. I played Apex when it first launched but since they did the map update, I think as of Season 3, I stopped playing. I just didn't like the map anymore. I might give this a try again though, see if the map improved since then.